Randolph’s Grin has been favorably described as philosophical sex-wave electronic-based music. The band’s aesthetic encompasses richly layered gothic and industrial soundscapes with unique and undeniable grooves. Heidi Winkler’s vocals are seductive and spiritual, pulling you into her vortex with captivating melodies, sensual vocal phrasing, and poetic and profound philosophical statements.
For their latest album, they worked with dark wave legend John Fryer, best known for working with Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Cocteau Twins, and his own band, the iconic This Mortal Coil. The dark wave legend produced and mixed Dragon Road, and his gorgeously gloomy and grand touch gives the album a stately sleekness.
Dragon Road is conceptually inspired by Heidi’s fascination with philosophy, human consciousness, and hypnosis. The album carves out a self-development path from primal thought processes to spiritual enlightenment, which is based upon popular human world-view development theory. Sometimes Heidi chooses to emphasize the positive and healthy aspects of a stage of development, and other times she explores the negative and pathological side of these phases. On the album, Randolph’s Grin appropriates modern theory’s standard of representing each life stage with a color. This convention sends the message that each stage in progression can be beautiful and is important in a full spectrum of light.
The album is darkly cathartic, capturing the visceral and sensual chills of classic goth and industrial, but with conscious, self-development themed lyrics.